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History of Electric Vehicles and E-Mobility

In the last 10 years the electric vehicle (EV) industry has seemingly exploded. Companies all over the world have started pouring billions into research and development, but the first electrically powered cars didn’t just spring into existence during the 21st century.

LION Smart receives development order for Battery integration

Zug, 04 February 2021 – Ad-hoc: LION Smart GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of LION E-Mobility AG and developer of electrical energy storage and lithium-ion battery system technology, has received a development order for battery integration. The client is a US-based leading global component manufacturer for the commercial vehicle industry; the name of the customer was not disclosed.

Consortium of companies develops more cost-effective and lighter battery concept for e-mobility

Zug, 1 February 2021 – A consortium of companies consisting of Evonik, Forward Engineering, LION Smart, Lorenz Kunststofftechnik, and Vestaro has developed a brand-independent, cost-effective battery concept for electric vehicles. Thanks to lightweight construction, the weight of the battery has been reduced by around ten percent compared with other commonly used material combinations – without any loss of mechanical characteristics. The entire concept was successfully tested for suitability for series production and safety under extreme conditions. Currently, three energy configurations are offered that compete with current battery models on the market in terms of energy density, safety and cost.