Baar, 21 May, 2021 – LION Smart GmbH is in advanced negotiations to acquire technology and production licenses from BMW AG in the field of high-voltage battery systems, aiming to start its own series production of battery systems.

Investor Relations General Assembly LION Smart

Zug, 4 February, 2021 – Shareholders of LION E-Mobility AG today confirmed the amendment of the company’s Articles of Association at the Extraordinary General Assembly held today in Zug, Switzerland.

Lithium-ion battery development order for LION Smart

Zug, 04 February 2021 – Ad-hoc: LION Smart GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of LION E-Mobility AG and developer of electrical energy storage and lithium-ion battery system technology, has received a development order for battery integration. The client is a US-based leading global component manufacturer for the commercial vehicle industry; the name of the customer was not disclosed.

Cheaper and lighter battery for e-vehicles developed by LION Smart and consortium

Zug, 1 February 2021 – A consortium of companies consisting of Evonik, Forward Engineering, LION Smart, Lorenz Kunststofftechnik, and Vestaro has developed a brand-independent, cost-effective battery concept for electric vehicles. Thanks to lightweight construction, the weight of the battery has been reduced by around ten percent compared with other commonly used material combinations – without any loss of mechanical characteristics. The entire concept was successfully tested for suitability for series production and safety under extreme conditions. Currently, three energy configurations are offered that compete with current battery models on the market in terms of energy density, safety and cost.

LION Smart rolls out 400v battery for buses and further develops 800v battery solution

Zug, 29 January 2021 – LION E-Mobility AG subsidiary LION Smart GmbH, a developer of electrical energy storage systems and lithium-ion battery system technology, has delivered battery packs to be used in a 400V system for a North American customer. The BMW i3 batteries can be adapted for various types of buses, trucks and public transit vehicles, with possible energy capacity ranging from 84 – 252 kWh depending on the number of packs and configuration.

LION Smart has positive financial outlook for 2021 year

Zug, 20 January 2021 – LION Smart GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of LION E-Mobility AG, developer of electrical energy storage systems and lithium-ion battery system technology based in Garching, Germany, has received an order with a total volume of EUR 26 million from its Canadian customer for the supply of battery storage systems. Together with other expected orders that are still being negotiated, LION Smart is expecting a positive financial year. These figures will largely be reflected in a similar way in the relevant key figures of LION E-Mobility AG.

Garching near Munich – In cooperation with partners in the LiBAT consortium, LION Smart has successfully tested its highly innovative AC battery system, demonstrating a power performance that is sufficient to maintain level flight for a manned glider. The lightweight, compact, and highly-integrated battery rotated an electric motor with propeller attached in a lab setting. The advanced LiBAT technology can be applied to a broad range of applications in the transport sectors, taking a large step towards a more sustainable future.

Dear LION E-Mobility Investors,
We cordially invite you to participate in our next Investor Conference Call on Thursday, December 10, at 10:00 a.m. CET.  Mr Thomas Hetmann as AG board member and General Manager of LION Smart GmbH and Mr Ian Mukherjee, also AG board member and investor, will be on the call and present the Q3-2020 results of LION Smart GmbH, as well as give a general investor’s update.

December 9, 2020 – LION Smart GmbH, 100 % subsidiary of LION E-Mobility AG, today published its quarterly figures as of September 30, 2020. The business of the innovative supplier of lithium-ion battery systems and integrative battery solutions has continued to develop positively during the first three quarters of 2020. In addition to a significant increase in sales revenues and a broadening of the customer base, the further development of the Light Battery with a tier 1 supplier has had a significant impact on the past quarters.

LION E-Mobility AG, a publicly listed Swiss holding company with strategic investments in the field of electrical energy storage and lithium-ion battery system technology, announces that multiple Board of directors of Lion E Mobility AG have acquired shares of the company. The necessary notifications to the regulatory authorities have been made.